Francesco Narduzzi (now at USP)

Project Title: Genesis and evolution of a Neoproterozoic magmatic arc: the Cordilleran-type granitoids of the Araçuaí Belt, Brazil

PROJECT SUMMARY Subduction-related Cordilleran-type bat
holiths are widespread in the Earth’s geological record. Although it is believed that they have contributed to the growth of continents since the Late Archean, their petrogenesis remain largely unresolved. Their origin is explained by two contrasting models: the first considers these granitoids being produced by fractionation from a primary, mantle wedge-derived mafic magma with assimilation of continental crust, while the second one explains their chemical variability as a feature directly inherited from the source. Overall, the disagreement mostly involves the origin of their hybrid mantle-crust signature. In the Araçuaí belt (SE Brazil), the Neoproterozoic batholiths belonging to the so-called G1 Supersuite, are interpreted to have been formed during the subduction-related activity occurred between 630 and 585 Ma, predating the collisional stages that built the Araçuaí-West Congo Orogen (ca. 575 Ma). Since the geochemical variability of these granitoids have never been investigated in detail, in this project I will combine field work, petrographic, geochemical and isotopic studies, in order to understand their petrogenesis, the role of the Earth’s mantle in their formation and the thermo-mechanical state of the continental crust during the G1 event

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