Ian Buick

Current Projects

Light isotope (Li, B, O) and mineral-scale trace element constraints on prograde metamorphism and anatexis
Proterozoic evolution of the Aravalli-Delhi Orogenic Belt, NW India.
Petrogenesis of granulite-facies borosilicate minerals, Mt Stafford, central Australia.
Length scales and time scales of metamorphic equilibration
Metamorphic and tectonic evolution of the Southern Zone, Damara Orogenic Belt (Namibia)
Integrating U/Pb accessory phase (zircon, monazite, titanite) ages with metamorphic petrology through mineral trace element geochemistry
Development of mineral standards for U/Pb LA-ICP-MS geochronology
Timing, isotopic tracing and petrogeneisis of c. 1 Ga pegmatite dyke swarms, Northern Cape (South Africa) and S Namibia

Recent and current field areas include: Namaqualand, Western Cape, Central Zone of the Limpopo Metamorphic Belt (all Sth Africa); Damara Orogen (Namibia); Aravalli-Delhi Orogenic Belt, and Kerala Khondalite belt (India); Aileron and Irindina Provinces (central Australia), Araçuaí Orogen (Brazil)