JXA-8230 – Electron Probe Microanalyser

The EDS, which is a versatile and easy-to-use X ray detector, can be mounted. A combined WDS snd EDS system provides a seamless and user-friendly environment for analysis.

JEOL has developed a new EPMA(Electron Probe Microanalyzer), that continues a long history of EPMA development extending over neary a
half century.  The JXA-8230, designed for user-friendly operations, provides for a complete range of analyses through a new, simple to use, PC-based interface.  The high-accuracy and fast speeds offered by the JXA-8230 are a result of its sophisicated hardwre developed from JEOL’s EPMA technologies refined over neary 50 years.  The JXA-8230 is powerful, next-generation, analytical tool that fully meets all of the requirements of an EPMA.

JSM-6510 Series

JSM-6510 series – Scanning Electron Microscope

A general-purpose, thermal type SEM to meet the needs of a wide range of users with built-in standard recipes. A wealth of available options, such as Cryo, further expands the range of applications.


JSM – 6010LA – InTouchScope™ Multiple pannel Scanning Electron Microscope

A multifunctional general-purpose SEM with a new intuitive user interface making use of an operation screen and touch panel. Elemental analysis by EDS has been fully integrated. The low vacuum mode is included in the standard configuration, offering easy observation of non-conductive materials without pre-treatment.